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Solving the Innovation Information Problem to Enable Long-Term New Business Success

Posted by Chris Hartshorn on May 7, 2015 11:28:59 AM

We’re bombarded these days with the potential of data, from understanding and segmenting populations to optimizing manufacturing operations. However, for companies targeting new business in B2B domains, the quality and breadth of data can be limited. While they typically know their existing customers and markets, they struggle in identifying, segmenting, and attacking genuinely new opportunities. Corporate functions such as R&D, venturing, and innovation need to lead the charge into new business areas but often focus on areas that lack a critical mass of quality information around successful and unsuccessful initiatives. As a result, metrics can’t be effectively set and measured, prescriptive action and predictable results are impractical, and proving the value of these innovation-enabling functions to the skeptical CEO is impossible.

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