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The Emperor's Greenwashed Clothes

Posted by Ory Zik on Aug 10, 2015 12:10:47 PM

How to convert corporate sustainability reports from a poorly defined marketing exercise to a source of real actionable data

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Can Math Save The Nut?

Posted by Ory Zik on May 7, 2015 11:28:33 AM

The ongoing water crisis in California has generated some dire predictions about the state's future. The New York Times recently asked whether the “state’s driving engine has run against the limits of nature.” But California isn’t running out of water. It’s running out of cheap water. The drought damage is estimated as $2.2 billion, which is significant, but hardly the "end of growth" for California’s $2.2 trillion economy. The problem for businesses, however, is that cheap water jeopardizes water security. Executives need visibility into the issue and strategies to manage it, but unfortunately, the slow policy response and inconsistent price signals slow innovation. So let’s do the math.

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